Finished in 2015, this new building is an extension to the Nanyang Primary school building in Singapore. Designed by Australian architecture firm Studio 505, the new building has an eccentric appearance thanks to its vibrant colour tones. The facade was designed to resemble a rainbow using emulsion paint on the concrete gate profiles and coloured aluminium shelves.

The original building was a kindergarten located parallel to the street that had a large unusable space with no function at all. For this reason, the architect team from Studio 505 decided on a redesign that would be more connected to the whole concept of a child’s worldview. “Very quickly, it became clear that the new concept would have to be centred on a generous, open and usable communal space that draws its advantages from the site’s inherent topography,” said the architects.

In collaboration with local architecture firm LT & T Architects, Studio 505 designed a new extension that comprised the rainbow-like building located away from the residential street. The new space was also completed with indoor sports facilities and a covered outdoor play area. All the classrooms were moved far away from the central area to the quieter residential areas. “The classroom door is the only internal coloured element, leading children out into the rich and dream-like external world of seemingly endless coloured horizontal stripes: the pathways of life,” explained Studio 505.

This addition to Nanyang Primary School has already become one of the architectural icons in the country. With its vibrant appearance, it has been successful in transforming a once-abandoned space into a main area where the children can both learn and play at the same time.

Text by Ria Iskandar 

Tags: Interior, Singapore, Architecture, Nanyang Primary School