Architecture by AL_A


Photo: Courtesy of Park Hyatt Bangkok

London-based studio AL_A, which is founded by Amanda Levete and Bangkok-based Pi Design, is responsible for the Park Hyatt Bangkok’s stunning architecture.

From above, the hotel and the adjacent mall (Central Embassy) forms a three-dimensional figure eight, a lucky number in Chinese culture, while the external facade is covered in aluminium tiles to create a shimmering pattern as seen in traditional Thai architecture.

Interiors by Yabu Pushelberg

25121555-PHB_AmbassadorSuite_Bathroom_LowRes_resized_1680x1140.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Park Hyatt Bangkok

This being the first Park Hyatt hotel in Thailand, New York design firm Yabu Pushelberg was tasked "to create a sophisticated private residence and sanctuary reflecting Thailand’s rich culture."

The result is a bright, calm and relaxing space perfect for escaping the bustling city below. The colour palette of beige, mustard and white is soothing to the eyes, while subtle Thai motifs such as the embossed lotus in the bathroom gives you that sense of place.

“We found the perfect interior for Park Hyatt Bangkok is when all the parts—the lighting, materials, space, texture—work as a whole and you get this sense of calmness, of sensuality,” said designer and co-founder Glenn Pushelberg.

F&B design by AvroKO

25121555-PHB_CocktailBar_LowRes_resized_1900x1049.jpgPhoto: Courtesy of Park Hyatt Bangkok

For the top three floors of the Park Hyatt Bangkok, New York-based AvroKO has created a large penthouse space with seamless transitions for each of the five venues in the Penthouse Bar & Grill.

Using an imaginary muse (a Thai-British man who collects fine arts, ceramics and love vintage car racing), the space is inspired by Chicago and New York penthouses with plenty of dark wood, moody corridors and layered lighting.

Since its opening, the Penthouse Bar & Grill has become a go-to spot for the city's social elite thanks to its sexy design, private seating areas and floor-to-ceiling windows showing off Bangkok's skyline.

Pagoda Mirage" and "Naga" by Hirotoshi Sawada


Photo: Courtesy of Park Hyatt Bangkok

The art at Park Hyatt Bangkok is as much a talking point as the hotel itself, given that nearly all of it comes from Central Group CEO Tos Chirathivat’s private collection. Two of the most prominent pieces are by Japanese artist Hirotoshi Sawada.

‘Pagoda Mirage’ is made up of hundreds of small, conical copper swirls, suspended in the hotel's grand staircase to look like the reflection of a pagoda on water, while 'Naga' is a stunning series of batons suspended from the ceiling to resemble a mythical water dragon (see hero image above). 

"Scholar's Rock" by Zhang Wang


Photo: Courtesy of Park Hyatt Bangkok

The rest of the hotel is peppered with other world-class art, including the shiny "Scholar's Rock" by Chinese sculptor Zhang Wang and "Bangkok VII" by Andreas Gursky, a thought-provoking photograph of the Chao Phraya river.

Besides international artists, the Park Hyatt Bangkok also houses many pieces from local Thai artists, including a hard-to-miss statue of a monk next to the hotel lobby called "Meditation" by Nonthivathn Chandhanaphalin.


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