Located in Los Angeles, this residence was designed by the Landry Design Group for a client who is both an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. The client dreamed of a house that is entertaining and is the ideal place for socialising with family members. He is also an avid art collector who travels a lot and always brings home art pieces, such as modern art, rare books and cultural artifacts, particularly those from the Art Deco movement.

“The design concept was to create a sanctuary in which the collection amassed during the owner’s travels could come together into one roof,” said Richard Landry, founder of Landry Design Group. The first challenge for the project was the exterior, which, being located in Los Angeles, couldn’t be to the Art Deco style the owner wanted due to planning regulations. So the architect came up with a compromise: to blend a classical Italian style with a touch of Art Deco for the outside of the building.

The residence boasts a living space of more than 1,800 square metres divided into two main areas: the main house and the pool house. Landry told Indonesia Tatler Homes that he focused on the lighting, the floor patterns and the ceiling as the main elements when designing every room in this residence. “While each room has its own personality, there also should be a visual connection when the client walks through his house. So as we devised our own ‘architectural language’, which we used for the mouldings and proportions, to ensure visual connection and consistency in the design,” he said.


One of the most interesting areas inside the house is the basement area because of its unusually high ceilings and its strong details of whimsical ambience. There is also direct access to the recreation room, games room, home theatre, spa and indoor pool area from the basement. All of these connected spaces serve as entertainment areas for the whole family as well as for social gatherings. The whole design for this residence is a solution for the clients’ needs and also presented unique design opportunities to the entire design team of Landry Design Group. “To me, an ideal home is a home that is truly responsive to the clients’ needs, functions properly and is also aesthetically pleasing. When the clients enter the house and say they really feel happy and it is the house that they always dreamed of, I am deeply gratified,” said Landry as he ended his talk with Indonesia Tatler Homes.

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