Three of our most well-known local interior designers reveal why they are so close to their pets and what designs and materials are suitable for them.

Joke Roos, Principal Designer at Studio Air Putih

PetFlash”, a Beagle

“Beagles are carefree, loyal and easygoing dogs. How our dog acts in the office reflects who I am and what I feel; dogs are the mirror to our hearts, one could say,” says Joke Ross. Six years ago, Roos and her family decided to have their first dog, a Dalmatian. A few years later, they decided to add to their family with a Beagle. As a dog lover, she never puts her pets into cages; rather, she lets them roam freely whether inside the house or in the office. As for creating homes for households with canine companions, Roos says marble, granite or ceramics are the best options when it comes to selecting materials. “Solid wood also is an option; it depends on your pet’s character,” she says.


Santi Alaysius, Principal Designer at Domisilium

PetWinky”, a Javanese cat

“I never buy pets—I always adopt them,” Santi Alaysius tells Indonesia Tatler Homes. That’s how she came by her Javanese cat Winky, who her father found six years ago wandering around a work site. That said, Alaysius doesn’t want to categorised as a cat or dog lover—she prefers to call herself an animal lover. As for feline feelings when it comes to design, since cats always have problems with shedding fur, Alaysius suggests that marble material is the best material for the flooring. “It’s very easy to clean,” she notes with a smile.


Tio Setyoso, Principal Interior Designer of TSDA Architect

Pets     Britney, a Maltese dog

            Cara, a Maltese dog

            Max, a Westie dog 

A dedicated dog lover is how everyone describes Tio Setyoso, and we couldn’t agree more. In fact, when we meet him, he is with his dogs, looking very comfortable and relaxed. “I think if they could, my dogs would describe me as their father and their protector, with unconditional love,” says Setyoso. When asked about any special design tips for dogs, he tells us that playful food bowls are always fun to have. “And for fabrics, I would recommend something like ‘sunbrella’, or stain-resistant fabrics. But the most important thing is to train your pets well and keep them clean, he says. In which case, there won’t be too much mess around the house.