The Danish high-end electronics company Bang & Olufsen is known for manufacturing beautifully designed TVs, such as the BeoVision Avant and BeoVision 11. And now the company has just unveiled its latest model: the BeoVision 14.

First of all, the television features oak wood lamellas and aluminium piping that gives it a clear-cut and minimalistic design. For images, the BeoVision 14 comes in 40- and 55-inch screen sizes and features an LCD screen with anti-reflection front glass, which removes reflections by up to 98 per cent. Meanwhile, the three-way custom speaker utilises acoustic learning tech that can also be found in BeoLab 18 loudspeaker.

The main highlight, however, is that the new TV is powered by Android, providing fast and easy access to an endless amount of web-based content and other entertainment. After all, the Android platform is connected to Google, so the BeoVision 14 is also integrated with Google Cast technology, which enables easy movie, photo and music streaming from users’ mobile phones or tablets. In addition, the new HEVC format allows users to stream stunning 4K resolution from the Internet. How’s that for a high-tech television?

Not forgetting practicality as the key, Bang & Olufsen’s TV also links to other BeoLink Multiroom products as well as a new remote control with Bluetooth connectivity. Elsewhere, users are able to choose alternative cloth fronts instead of oak lamellas to customise their BeoVision 14’s appearance to their interior décor.

(Photo Credit: Bang & Olufsen

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