Located in Menteng, one of the most prestigious areas in Jakarta, this well-designed private residence is owned and lived in by a large family. At first, the project consisted of three areas covering a footprint of 1,642 square metres; the team from local firm Wahana—namely, architects Rudy Kelana, Gerard Tambunan and Vina— originally decided to design a simple layout cleverly juxtaposed with strategic use of greenery.

“The total building area is around 2,577 square metres,” the team tells Indonesia Tatler Homes. “This is a really big house, but we didn’t want to present just another boring ‘big house’ design to the clients, so each room was designed with both comfort in mind and also with nature as a main theme.”

From the outside, the architecture has the feel of a tropical villa with modern touches here and there, but mostly it can be seen as a natural extension to the surrounding landscape, which includes a nearby river. This greenery is best appreciated from the living and dining rooms: “It is a unique concept in which the indoor design reflects the outdoor environment,” says the architect team.

When the family first visited the house, they thought it was the perfect fit: every room has its own emotional impact and unique experience. Extending the natural theme, an indoor garden was placed in the centre of the layout, a refreshing statement that helps define the whole design. And to preserve the pristine environment, the team also paid close attention to the the air circulation around the building.

Together with the team from Wahana Architects, interior design teams from Ginius Loci and ASSATI Lighting were responsible for the lighting, ATB Construction for the structural development, and last but not least, Stephen Lazuardi, Neria Oendang and Wahana Cipta Selaras who worked on the construction.

Meanwhile, for Wahana, every project has its own uniqueness. Dynamism, relaxation and refreshment are the three elements that every house should have they tell us. “And besides these three elements, we believe that a home is like a nest, to which the ‘birds’ should be delighted to come home.


(Text by Ria Iskandar, Photo by Fernando Gomulya)

Source : Indonesia Tatler Homes June – August 2016 Issue

Tags: Interior, Architect, Design, Homes, Green House