Located in Surabaya, this residential project took around six months for the design process and one year for construction. Interior designer Kezia Karin tells Tatler Homes create a perfect resting place for the client in the middle of this buzzing city, where he that the design concept was to Indonesia could have his “me time.”

Subtle, comfortable and elegant are the three words that best describe this project. “I love the soft furnishings—they show a lot of character,” says Karin. “We chose a delicate, abstract pattern for the curtain fabric in the living area and it turned out to be the perfect fit.”

The layout was also designed to be simple and quite straightforward. From the private lift, there is a foyer area, which becomes the centre for the dining and living areas, which then lead visitors to the sky garden area. 
“We customised the rug in the living area,” she says. “It is a punch of yellow that instantly brightens the space and acts as an accent to the whole area. We also used a Minotti sofa in the living area as well as crystal lighting.”

The client is a busy person and very active. He and his family love art and all the finer things in life. Karin feels that this project is one of perfection since he really loves the bright space with the light colour scheme and a subtle elegance. As such, what was once intended as a “me space” has effortlessly become a “we space” for him and his whole family.

Find more picture of this marvelous penthouse design in Indonesia Tatler Homes September edition.

(Text by Ria Iskandar, Photo by Sefval Mogalana, Yohanes Albert and Khrisna Aditya)

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