Indonesia has always been famous for its talented local young artists, among them painters, sculptors, photographers and many more. But a muralist? We can probably count them on our fingers. That said, Ines Katamso is one of a few emerging local artists who is dedicating herself to what we might call mural art.

Ask Katamso why she chose murals as her profession, since her educational background was in fashion, and she will answer, without a doubt, “Well, I don’t really consider myself as an artist. I feel I’m more like a designer who tells a story with conceptual or poetic meanings. I’m not sure where to put myself but it’s really interesting to blur the line between art and design. Besides, my creative sensitivities have always been a natural connection for me as I grew up with a tattoo artist as a mum and a musician and artist father.”

Here, Katamso shares her personal thoughts about herself and her profession during a meeting at the launch of her newest mural at the Sea Grain restaurant of the DoubleTree hotel.

Indonesia Tatler Homes (ITH): How did you finally decide to become a muralist?

Ines Katamso (IK): After my fashion studies in France, I got the opportunity to work as a stylist for a French beachwear brand based in Bali. I learned a lot during those few years, but, to be honest, it wasn’t my thing. So I continued to do my personal work, like illustrations, a bit of street art, and crochet sculpture. Then one day, a friend gave me the chance to paint the wall of a shop he was managing and this was an epiphany for me: a stressful yet extraordinary experience. I realised then the impact that large-scale artworks can have on people. Before, I was used to producing tiny, precious things, so to move to a hundred-times-bigger scale was comforting and gave me a better understanding of myself. After that, I quit my job to become a full-time muralist and build atelier ines.k.

ITH: Who or what has been the biggest single influence on your way of thinking?

IK: I would have give you an artist’s name, like Louise Bourgeois or Kandinsky, but if I am honest with myself, the one who has influenced me the most is the person with whom I share my life.

ITH: How would you describe your style in five words?

IK: Organic, colourful, handmade, poetic, deconstructed.

ITH: What is your most recent project?

IK: I’m actually doing a mixed-media mural on 15 rooms for the new Artotel in Bali.


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Text by Ria Iskandar and Photo by Adrian Stephanus

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