For many of us, our homes are more than just a place to rest and spend time with our families: they also define who we are as people. Whether it’s the décor, the interior, or the items we purchased, the look inside our homes speaks volumes about our personal tastes and preferences. And this is no different with socialites whose houses reflect who they are. And their houses are also gorgeous to look at!

Steven Yoe

Steven Yoe and Michelle Vanesa’s home in Surabaya is indeed the epitome of class and luxury.

Richard Muljadi

Richard Muljadi’s minimalist house is where dreams are made. The same goes with his front yard, where he likes to parade his awesome wheels.

Ayu Rosan

ayu rosan  home.jpeg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

One thing is true: Ayu Heni Rosan’s home is magnificent in every nook and cranny.

Nia Ramadhani Bakrie

nia ramadhani bakrie home.jpeg

Photo: Photo courtesy of Indonesia Tatler

Everyone knows that Nia Ramadhani Bakrie not only has the perfect family, but also the perfect dream house with marble floors and tall columns bathed in elegant décor. 

Dita Soedarjo

There is a reason why Dita Soedarjo loves her house so much: it’s spacious, bright, and all-round cheerful!

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