When it came to this property, the clients, a young couple with their three children, wanted to avoid overpowering details and instead wanted an American classical style for their home. They also wanted a spacious, functional and airy ambience. From these concepts, the house was born, but for the team who worked on the project, a house only becomes a home when its occupants feel safe, comfortable and peaceful. In developing the 700-square-metre sites, Monoarch, the architectural consultant, was inspired by the style of American country houses combined with a classical American look. That meant natural stones and wood, creating a rustic effect.

Everything looks close to nature but still homely. For the design of the property, the architect adapted the American classical design into a more elegant and light style, with white dominating almost all of the building’s walls. The design is suited perfectly to the home’s location in one of Jakarta’s most prestigious areas, Permata Hijau.

Following the architectural concept, the interior of the residence is also American-influenced. Design consultancy Acitya Design Pavilion added just touches of a more classical style on purpose, to add more lightness and create an airy atmosphere. Just like the architecture, the interior is dominated by a white colour palette and the typical structural lines of American design. The biggest challenge was when the design team worked on the stair area; in particular, the oval layout of the stairs. But a selective arrangement and a definite case of “playing it smart” got them through the hurdle. “Bold yet beautiful” is how the architect, interior designer, lighting designer and the landscape designer describe this residential project. We have to agree.