Co-founder and Creative Director of contemporary clothing company Little Joe Woman, Gail Elliot always dreamed of living and working on a lush tropical island together with her husband and business partner, Joe Coffey. That dream has finally come true, with the recently opened Little Joe Woman boutique on Jl Petitenget in Seminyak, Bali.

“In fact, we have plans to open more—we also have boutiques in Australia as well as our online boutique and an office in Sydney and Bali from which we run the company,” Elliot tells Indonesia Tatler Homes. “The process of actually moving to Bali after having lived in Sydney for 11 years was fairly fast and easy,” she adds. When they arrived in Bali, they rented furniture for the first three months, while waiting for their own to be shipped

When Indonesia Tatler Homes  asks Elliot about the concept and design of her new home, she says that it is similar to her personal style: “Simple but luxurious.” The application of a neutral colour palette was applied both to the architecture and in the interior. The tones of black, white, grey, beige and black can be seen in almost every spot in Elliot’s residence, while the domination of wood, stone and bamboo perfectly combine with touches of horn, shell, glass, cottons and raw linens. 

The couple has also amassed a large collection of black and white prints over the years while travelling. “The collection gives us great pleasure and is a constant reminder of the cities we have lived in: London, New York and Sydney,” explains Elliot. With her husband, she is also an avid collector of black and white photography books, which are displayed as part of the interior. She also tells us that her home design was largely inspired by French interior designer Christian Liaigre, with clean lines dominating both the furniture and the home.

One of Elliot’s favourite parts of the house is the pool area, where she can relax while being lulled by the sound of the swaying palms. She also loves the bedroom and bathroom areas, plus the kitchen. “I also enjoy our deep-seated heavy wooden daybed, where we watch our favourite TV shows,” she adds. Family, health, love, laughter and peace are the main elements that should fill her house, she says. Elliot also shares that her husband and family are the most important part of her world, so she always prioritises their health and happiness, which also influenced the house design.

In fact, for Gail Elliot, the house plays a major part in her whole life, together with her family. So it’s no surprise that this dream home is where she feels safe and happy. In her little slice of paradise.


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