When interior designer Gracinha Viterbo first found this original building—a run-down and dark house in Portugal some 10 minutes’ drive from the Atlantic Ocean coast—it was hardly the charming abode it is now. Quite the contrary, the house was nothing but an old building.

So on the 2,000-square-metre site, Viterbo and her eponymous team started pretty much from scratch. From the architecture to the interior to the roof, the whole thing was created anew, and then given a lick of white paint to complete the revamp. She laughingly termed this as an “intervention” when Indonesia Tatler Homes caught up with her.

 “Paris meets New York style is what it’s all about” – Gracinha Viterbo

“Paris meets New York style is what it’s all about,” she tells us. “Chic but family friendly. This is the third home I’ve designed for these clients so I know them quite well now. Each project has been a chapter in their life. I have also been sourcing and curating their art collection, so it has been a full circle to witness their story from early on as a family until today, and to design a backdrop for their memories and lives.”

“The house came out balanced as a whole,” she says. “And I’ve been hopping from favourite to favourite place, but maybe it’s the master bedroom because it was such a challenge because of its complicated angles and lack of symmetry: it’s the area that most appeals to me.

“Like many architects, I love spaces like these that we can build upon; they so much more interesting than perfect and flat spaces,” says Viterbo. She adds that the house renovation was all about the combination of Paris and New York styles since the wife lived in Paris for a long time and the husband lived in New York.

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Text by Ria Iskandar & Photo by Gracinha Viterbo

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