EDITOR'S INTRODUCTION: In between one photoshoot and another as a model and also running a business as an entrepreneur, and all her other various activities, Fitria Yusuf is also an avid traveller. She regularly travels all over the globe to feed her wanderlust, and, as a digital influencer, she also has been sharing her amazing travel experiences on her social media feeds.

From Antarctica to Iran, we asked Fitria as our columnist to reflect on her travel experiences. Here, she talks about her favourite destinations, where we can expect from her next, travel tips and her endless travel inspirations.

My recent trip was to... Lake Como. The purpose of the visit was a spring break. I chose Lake Como as the destination because it is such a beautiful place. Full of romance! And, of course, because George Clooney had a villa there too. [Laughs]

The most memorable place on my last trip was... Villa D’este at Lake Como. We went for a boat ride on the lake, and it was magical. They had a great fine dining and casual restaurants, too.

My latest trip enriched my travel experience because... Italians really know the meaning of dolce vita. Life is sweet and they enjoy it to the fullest!

My travel experiences so far and the many countries I have been to... I’ve lost count. But recently I went to Iran which I think is such a beautiful country with amazing culture and lovely people. I went to Oman, too, recently, and it was great. I have also been to many unusual places such as Patagonia, Antarctica, Atacama and many more, and I love to visit at least new one each year.

The first trip I remember was... I think I went to Japan with my parents. I was 2 years old. I went to Disneyland.

Photo: Isabella Lombardini

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The worst place I’ve been to is... Every place tells a different story. Therefore, I haven’t been to any places that have disappointed me. I always try to enjoy the experience.

My favourite place in the world is... Next to my loved ones! I’m a helpless romantic, but I do love London. It is like my second home.

My most memorable travel experience and what made it so memorable is... I have so many great memories from travelling. I went to Cuba and danced salsa with Cubano. I hiked the valley of the moon in Atacama, I did an ice-climb in Antarctica, and I fall in love in Iran. Every single one has enriched me in so many ways. I am blessed to have been able to travel and learn so much about culture and lifestyles.

 Villa D’este at Lake Como (Photo: Courtesy of Fitria Yusuf) 









 If I had to recommend one place in the world that everyone should visit once in their lives it would be... Perhaps Iran, because it is so different from what you think it might be. It is such a safe and a tolerant country. The food is great and the people are friendly. Another one is Puglia. It is the prettiest region in Italy in my point of view because it’s still unspoiled, the people are amazing, the food is delicious and the sky is a rainbow of colours. I am forever in love with those places.

My most embarrassing experience while travelling... Not really, but I was escorted to a police station when taking photos at the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo because they thought I was shooting for a commercial.

My next travel bucket list item is... I want to go to the Arctic and to Fogo Island in New Territory Canada.

The top essentials on my packing list are... I always make sure that I bring enough cash because sometimes credit cards don’t work. I always book my travel through a reputable agent to make sure my trip is safe and well managed.

My advice for women who want to travel alone is... Even though I usually travel with my brother, if I have to travel alone,I make sure I stay at a reputable hotel, and make sure I have someone to contact in emergencies.

My take on travelling and sustainability is... It is an amazing idea because these days many resorts are built based on green principles. It is good to preserve nature and the surroundings of a place to ensure it is not spoiled by tourism.

My favourite travel book or blog is... I like to browse on Instagram these days, because it provides me with better insight. Some of my favourites are @mytinyatlas, @itsbeautifulhere @passionpassport, and @lostwithpurpose.

If I could time-travel to anywhere, I’d go to... To the moon and back.

My experiences with travel endorsements... When I’m taking a vacation, I don’t work on endorsements, because I want to fully relax.

If I’m not travelling, I’d be... Working hard, because when I travel, I pay my own way! I rarely endorse, because when I endorse, I am busy taking pictures, and so on. I just want to enjoy my holiday.

My next adventure will be... I am going to Satellite Island in Tasmania.

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