Beauty and fame are not all that it takes to polish up your Instagram page—it takes skill and dedication to make that profile of yours pretty and pleasant to the eyes, and the same goes for these celebrities and socialites. From a professional photographer to entrepreneurs who take photography as a hobby seriously, these 10 Indonesian celebrities and socialites surely take everyone by surprise with their photographic nous. Find out below.

Dion Wiyoko

Not only talented as an actor and model, Dion Wiyoko also has a keen eye for photography. Just take a scroll down his Instagram page, and you’ll find many of his amazing takes. He has been polishing his skills since 2011 and his favourite subjects include landscape pictures, human interest, and street photography.

Gista Putri

Amid her life as an actress, Gista Putri spends her spare time indulging her interest in photography. Her shots are very good quality and precise. Looking at her Instagram page, we can tell that the star surely holds a special place in her heart for street photography.

Christian Rijanto

The successful entrepreneur behind Ismaya Group, Christian Rijanto, has a special skill other than entrepreneurial management. Being an avid traveller, his photography skills come in handy—if you visit his Instagram page, you’ll be pleased with so many breathtaking pictures taken from all the places that he’s been to.

Nicholas Saputra

 Great at acting, modelling, and photography, it seems as if there’s nothing that Nicholas Saputra can’t do. A lack of equipment won’t stop him, either: just take a look at his Instagram feed, which is full of glorious pictures taken with only his smartphone. From beautiful local scenery to places abroad, his Instagram page is a feast for the eyes.

Ayudia Bing Slamet

Not done achieving greatness in both acting and music with her beloved husband, Ayudia Bing Slamet also takes her time taking beautiful pictures both on her main and side accounts, @ayudiac, @diabirthphoto, and @fotofotobumi. Before you check out her Instagram pages, be prepared to get giddy with warmth as you scroll through the adorable pictures of her son, Dia Sekala Bumi.

Alvin Tjitrowirjo

A groundbreaking interior designer on our list is none other than Alvin Tjitrowirjo, CEO and Founder of alvinT. In his spare time, Alvin takes beautiful pictures of all the things around him. From street photography, landscape, and artworks, it seems like he’s mastered the skill.

Nicoline Patricia Malina

While others regard photography as a hobby, Nicoline Patricia does it as a full-time career—and she’s absolutely brilliant doing it. While her Instagram page shows you a variety of eye-pleasing pictures from human interest to gorgeous sceneries, her portfolio on Behance and her official website show off many amazing editorial shoots for various magazines.

Maudy Ayunda

While Maudy Ayunda is not busy with her music and activism, she posts loads of beautiful pictures mostly from her vacations. Take her religious vacation to Medina and Mecca, for instance, pictures of glorious architecture were perfectly captured and it must’ve required quite some skill.

Ari Lasso

Who would ever have thought that the legendary Indonesian musician, Ari Lasso, is also skillful in photography? If you scroll enough on his Instagram page, you will find many of his breathtaking shots, including landscapes, scenery, and heartfelt black-and-white pictures.

Marshall Sastra

To close our list, we saved you the best for last, which is model and local heartthrob Marshall Sastra. With his profession as a travel show host, it’s no wonder that Marshall is able to churn out beautifully scenic pictures on his Instagram page.



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