Rosy Riady

Rosy Riady is the wife of one of Indonesia’s most successful entrepreneur and lives a busy life. However, the wife of Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr Tahir MBA always finds time to paint, which is one of Rosy’s favourite things to do. If you go through her Instagram feed, you’ll definitely spot a bunch of her paintings, ranging from flowers to fruit and everything in between.

Amanda Witdarmono

Amanda Witdarmono is the owner of We The Teachers Indonesia: an organisation that helps and supports teachers in Indonesia. When she’s not empowering teachers, you can definitely catch this one painting, which Amanda finds rejuvenating.

Sonia Eryka

Everyone knows Sonia Eryka as an influential fashion blogger. However, there’s more to her than that—Sonia loves sketching and drawing and is often seen showing her pieces to her fans on Instagram. We’ve seen some awesome sketches of people by Sonia.

Amanda Khairunnisa

Amanda Khairunnisa is often seen spending quality time with her guitar. The younger sister to Maudy Ayunda, Amanda definitely has string skills. She has also performed a lot of cover song in which she can be seen singing as well.

Michelle Ziudith

We’ve seen Michelle Ziudith do a magnificent job on screen as an actress. Ever wonder what she does off screen? Art: that’s what. The Indonesian actress loves sketching her days away and we love seeing the results.

Sabrina Bensawan

Sabrina Bensawan, the 20-year-old with a passion for philanthropy, founded her very own non-profit organisation, Saab Shares, at the age of 16. When she’s not busy running her organisation, Sabrina is busy painting. 

Carline Darjanto

The founder of Cotton Ink, Carline Darjanto has achieved so much at such a young age. Other than success with her fashion brand, this mother-of-one also has penchant for baking. Carline uses baking as a stress-reliever and has made some of the most mouthwatering recipes. From chocolate chunk cookies to sticky date pudding with caramel sauce, we can’t help but drool.

Maudy Ayunda

Other than writing and acting, we can catch Maudy Ayunda getting busy with her guitar, too. One of Maudy’s goals for 2019 is to get back to the studio and write meaningful songs again, and we can’t wait. 

Michelle Worth-Kinghorn

Not only is Michelle Worth-Kinghorn an awesome mum, but she is also an awesome designer, too. We spotted Michelle getting super artsy recently when she designed mermaid tails. Be brave, bold, and be a mermaid!

Emily Jaury

When she’s not busy managing her fashion brand, Love and Flair, Emily Jaury can be seen sketching. Emily defines sketching as her hobby and is seen getting busy with outfit designs on paper many times.

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