Joko Widodo and Iriana Joko Widodo 

Indonesia's current prsident Joko Widodo and his humble spouse, Iriana Joko Widodo, epitomise a perfect, powerful couple. Jokowi, as the president is fondly known as, is a people-person leader. Similarly, as our First Lady, Iriana displays a positive attitude and is always seen to be by her husband's side. 

Arwin Rasyid and Dotty Rasyid 

Being the director of Bank CIMB Niaga makes Arwin Rasyid a busy man. Arwin has also maintained his reputation of being an all-rounder in other fields such as education. Arwin and his lovely spouse, Dotty, are parents to five children. 

Frederik Meijer and Maudy Koesnaedi 

Frederik Meijer is the Commercial Director of Sales in one of the world's most respected airlines, PT Garuda Indonesia. Married to Maudy Koesnaedi, Frederik arrived in Indonesia in 1993 and was once involved in local companies, such as Telkomsel and Indosat. 

Rahmat Shah and Roseline Rahmat 

An avid diplomat, Rahmat Shah takes pride in his effort to conserve wildlife and nature. Married to Roseline in 1983, he is blessed with daughter Raline Shah and two sons. The Rahmat International Wildlife Museum & Gallery in Medan is one of his greatest accomplishments. 

Dino Patti Djalal and Rosa Rai Djalal 

Dino Patti Djalal was an active politician and served as the Ambassador of Indonesia to the United States between 2010 - 2013. His lovely wife, Rosa Rai, runs Rays International Dental Clinic and is the founder and president of Indonesia - U.S. Women's Council. 

Putut Eko Bayuseno and Coreta Kappoyos 

Putut Eko is the head of the National Police's security maintanance division, and his lovely wife is the founder of Yayasan Torang Samua Basudara, a philanthropic organization that provides funds for people affected with natural disasters. 

Manoj Punjabi and Shania Punjabi 

Manoj Punjabi is the owner of one o the biggest production houses in Jakarta, MD Entertainment. Other than owning MD Entertainment, the evolution of Akira Back in Jakarta has also been made possible by Manoj. Married to the lovely Shania Punjabi, the couple has been blessed with two daughters and one son. 

Diaz Hendropriyono and Linda Ratna Nirmala 

Diaz currently serves as one of the commissioners of the nation's largest cellular operators, Telkomsel. His spouse, Linda, is a lovely mother to their children when Diaz is out and about. The family is fond of taking holidays and admits that Bali is among their favourite destinations. 

Audy Satria Wardhana and Siti Noor Azima Rajasa

Daughter of politician Hatta Rajasa -- Azima is the third sibling among her brothers and sisters. She is married to Audy Satria, and together they have just been blessed with the presence of a beautiful baby boy, Amansaa Satria Wardhana. 

Indraguna Sutowo and Dian Sastrowardoyo

Known for his passion towards car racing, businessman and car racer Indraguna Sutowo and his lovely wife, Dian Sastrowardoyo, lead a peaceful life together with their two children. The couple tied the knot in 2010. 

Happy Salma and Tjokorda Bagus Dwi Santana Kerthayasa 

Indonesian actress, model and film maker, Happy Salma is  a lady full of life and spirit. Married to the charming Tjokorda Bagus Dwi Santana Kerthayasa, a member of the royal family in Ubud, the couple has been blessed with a lovely little girl. Both, Happy and her husband are family oriented people and ensures to always keep their family first among everything else.

Alexandra Asmasoebrata and Dias Baskara 

Alexandra and Dias have been married for less than a year but have known one another since 2009. The loving couple, who tied the knot after a two-year relationship are firm on the belief that tolerance and trust are the two key factors which are important in maintaining a successful relationship.