Vicky Supit looks stunning in her own collection, VISUU




Ayumirah Suardhana is flawless in this gold sequined ensemble



Irene HS always manages to pull off such an elegant look



Rany Moran dares to sport this blue and red extravagant look



Junita Liesar looks dashing in this gold-and-brown ensemble 



Sutikno Soedarjo looks simple but classy as always



Cindy Angelina takes center stage with this 1920s' look



Fitria Yusuf looks svelte in this silver gown



Aimee Juliette pulls this colourful design extremely well 



Jessie Setiono never fails to amaze the crowd with her perfect figure and exquisite dress



Joe Taslim the words classy, dashing, elegant describe him well 



Raline Shah redefines utmost elegance and personified beauty 



Kinez Riza always a head turner with her true charm 



Patricia Gunawan looks incredibly stunning in this red mermaid gown



Mesty Ariotedjo looks ever so beautiful in black



Miranty Hakim is a classic beauty with a sequined ensemble



Melissa Hakim dazzles in this black gown 


                                         Richard Muljadi's good looks and charm make him a true gentleman