Aspiring entrepreneurs: this one’s for you! Indonesia Tatler spoke to the inspiring and hard-working, Dion Wiyoko recently about tips and tricks for young entrepreneurs wanting to make their dreams a successful reality. Happy Friday!

Keep trying

The Indonesian actor believes it is always important to try, try, and try again. Dion believes trying something new always ends up being a learning process in the long run. Dion himself started out as a model before his debut on the big screen back in 2009, and he is one of Indonesia’s finest actors today. Dion says: “I’ve been learning that this life is a big process. Been trying a lot of things.” So, for everyone out there with big dreams, it’s always OK to keep trying, even if you fail within the process, never give up!

Enjoy the ride

Life’s a journey: enjoy the ride! The 34-year-old actor said: “Dare to be different and don’t hesitate to keep trying. Just enjoy the ride.” It is definitely going to be a long ride with tons of ups and downs, but with courage, determination, and positivity, you’ll definitely make it! Dion too knows how to enjoy the ride—the actor captures travel stories as one of Nikon’s official photography experts where he can be seen shooting at some of the most scenic destinations!

Work hard

You’ve probably heard this one before, but working hard is the only way you’ll be able to make it to the top. For the next few years, devote more time to achieving your dreams because all those late nights and early mornings will definitely pay off. Dion believes that it is important to work hard, you’ll have your future self thanking you!

Networking is key

Dion added: “Working hard is important, but don’t forget to go out and make friends. Without a good network, hard work is meaningless.” Networking is key for all you future entrepreneurs because everyone you meet will teach you something you’ve never heard of before. In today’s world, with networking events taking place every week, this shouldn’t be too hard!

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