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The film Orang Kaya Baru is currently being screened and has been watched by around 1 million viewers. It focuses around the story of siblings who, along with their mother, experience a sudden change from a life of poverty to becoming rich following the passing of their father who leaves them a lot of money, which he had kept secret.

The main focus of this film is, indeed, interesting because it refers to the term "Orang Kaya Baru", often abbreviated as OKB, which literally means newly rich people (French term Nouveau Riche). It gently pokes fun at what ordinary people do when they suddenly get rich—but OKB is actually not a new concept as it’s already a familiar phenomenon or even perhaps a growing trend in Indonesia.

We know the term OKB is often used for people who have recently become rich and like to show this publicly by spending a lot of money and showing off their new-found social status. But even though the term OKB is oftentimes more a derogatory term meant to mock those people who have a lot of money but don’t have good taste, Raline Shah, the star of the film, has a different opinion.

When asked by Indonesia Tatler about her opinion of the term OKB, Raline explained that she believes that being OKB is actually wonderful in many ways because the novelty of being "comfortable" is so fresh that every new experience is something amazing. "I think that one should embrace being or aspiring to be an OKB. It shouldn’t always be associated negatively—although it often is," said Raline.

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So, how to tell if someone is an OKB? Here are some of Raline Shah's thoughts, especially on how to truly embrace the OKB lifestyle:

1. Everything (well, almost) is documented, from the outfits, the transportation used, the class in the aeroplane, the travel destinations, the food to the accommodation. Everything is just like a reality show.

2. Every social invite or offer is accepted because it’s an opportunity to shine and make new friends. If only more people were enthusiastic and wanting to be the life of the party! He or she is usually more friendly and super-eager to make fast friends and share their new “facilities”.

3. OKB seems more generous and giving about his or her newfound wealth—they tend to be more generous with people around them and more positive. Not as sceptical and not as protective towards their own family and wealth. Because it’s new and fresh, the OKB usually feels the need to share his or her newfound comforts and ease of living the high life.

Raline doesn’t want to further differentiate between "native" rich people and newly rich people, because what she said she knows that is there is nothing to be ashamed about. "Everyone can comment on 'taste' and 'sensibilities', but I choose to always see the positive in any situation," she told us.

As the lead actor, Raline also expressed her happiness to be involved in the Orang Kaya Baru film. She shared that the most memorable experiences were to be 10 years younger and to share a set with some of the most talented people in the film industry. Raline also feels happy to be able to communicate the message through this film about familial bonds, as well as the importance of integrity and being true to ourselves.

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