If you’ve not heard about the latest Hollywood sensation Crazy Rich Asians, where have you been? Full of poised characters and with a well-written script and solid casting, what’s not to love? Let’s be real: whether it’s the adorable romance between Nick and Rachel, or the mother-son relationship between Nick and Eleanor, each character definitely meets our expectations. Now, can you imagine who these Crazy Rich Asians would be if four Crazy Rich Indonesians played the roles instead? To help you, here are our picks of four leading society figures who could play in the film.

Rachel Chu: Sabrina Joseph TanUntitled-1.jpg

 Photo: Photo Courtesy of Sabrina Joseph-Tan & Constance Wu

Pretty looks, a sense of humour, and brainy appeal… See the similarities between Rachel Chu and Sabrina Joseph Tan? Rachel Chu has a laid-back personality and is often seen as outgoing, just like Sabrina. Both of them also come from educated backgrounds and have a laid-back yet chic fashion sense. So it’s not a shock when we compare the similarities between Rachel Chu and Sabrina Joseph Tan, is it?

Nick Young: Arya Bakrie

BeFunky-collage.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Arya Bakrie & Henry Golding

Young, handsome, and a complete gentleman, Nick Young definitely is Arya Bakrie. This male protagonist comes from one of the richest families in Singapore, as does Arya Bakrie. The Bakries are known to be the most well-known conglomerate family in Indonesia. Now let’s get to the part about how these two definitely treat their women the way they’re supposed to be treated. If you’ve seen the movie, one thing you’ll have noticed is how much of a gentleman Nick is. The love he has for Rachel and how he always puts her first is the kind of relationship we all hope to be in. Similarly, Arya definitely treats his girl, Vannya Istarinda, right. All the flowers, the music festivals, and the unconditional love: #RelationshipGoals anyone?

Astrid Leong: Annisa Pohanannisaa.jpg

Photo: Photo Courtesy of Annisa Pohan Yudhyono & Gemma Chan

We’re not sure if it’s how elegant and sophisticated Astrid Leong is or how well she presents herself to be the #BossLady she really is deep down, but when we see Astrid Leong, there’s only one person that comes into our minds and that’s Annisa Pohan. Annisa is definitely one of the most refined and brilliant women we’ve seen in our society. Both of them always manage to look so presentable—beauty and brains are what these two women are all about. Another similarity is how both of these women enjoy a designer outfit or two but are ever so pragmatic.

Eleanor Young: Chiang Yu Lan

chiang copy 2.jpgPhoto: Photo Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler & Michelle Yeoh

The character of Eleanor Young is such the prestigious socialite. A stylish woman, a strong personality, and a very kind heart are the resemblances we spot between Eleanor Young and Chiang Yu Lan, with the two also sharing a pure love of art, fashion, and music. Poised to perfection, we can definitely see Chiang Yu Lan play the role of Eleanor Young in real life. Both of them have aged very gracefully, too.

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