From attending the newly-opened restaurant in town to taking a mini vacation with the family, our Tatler friends are in the mood to reflect and contemplate this week. Stay in the know by following either @indonesiatatler on Instagram, or with our weekly Tatlergrams column below. Do come back every Friday!

Raline Shah

Raline Shah compared duck faces with the adorable baby Elias. Who's cuter?

Widi Wardhana

Widi Wardhana looks gorgeous beside her dashing husband Wisnu Wardhana at a wedding reception.


Renitasari gathered with her favourite galpals at the newly-opened restaurant, Vong Kitchen, at Alila SCBD.

Read more about Vong Kitchen at our Tatler Table April here.

Erik Meijer

Meanwhile, Erik Meijer tested out his new drone with gorgeous wife Maudy Koesnaedi during a family vacation at Amanwana in Moyo Islands.

Will Meyrick

Elsewhere, renowned Chef Will Meyrick took a gorgeous snap of golden Buddha inside a temple in Thailand.

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