From attending informative panel by Google to exploring the infinite beauty of our archipelago, our Tatler friends are enjoying August to the max.  Stay in the know by following either @indonesiatatler on Instagram and with our weekly Tatlergrams column.

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Dian Sastrowardoyo knows how to spend her day right by attending Google For Indonesia event with friends.

Sabrina Joseph 

Our heartiest congratulations to the beautiful Sabrina Joseph who got engaged to David Tan. The two celebrated their engagement soiree at Sabrina's spectacular abode. Magical!

Richard Kyle

Richard Kyle escaped the hustle and bustle of Jakarta and went to Malang for an episode of his TV show.

 Cindy Angelina

Cindy Angelina was spotted chilling with fellow Tatler Asia's Most Wanted Eleanor Lam at Potato Head Beach Club.

Nicholas Saputra

Actor Nicholas Saputra also escaped the busy capital life to take a swim in Sabang, Aceh Province.

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