From learning further about Louis Vuitton's rich history in Singapore to walking down the runway for this week's hottest fashion show, our Tatler friends sure know how to spend their time wisely. Stay in the know by following either @indonesiatatler on Instagram, or with our weekly Tatlergrams column.

Dion Wiyoko

Actor Dion Wiyoko was among the lucky attendance at the Louis Vuitton's Time Capsule private view.

Olivia Lazuardy

Our Gen-T ambassador, Olivia Lazuardy, posed casually with another stunning ladies during Fendi's Fall/Winter 2017 event.

Patricia Gouw

 Elsewhere, Patricia Gouw rocked the runway during Lakme Trend Gala earlier this week.

Nia Ramadhani Bakrie

Also in attendance, Nia Ramadhani Bakrie couldn't resist to take a snap with her friend during Fendi Fall/Winter 2017 private event.

Tatjana Saphira

Meanwhile, Tatjana Saphira was enjoying her touristy time in Seoul, South Korea.

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