The fashion season is here! This week drew a number of Tatler friends to Jakarta Fashion Week among other fashion events where they were seen dressed to the nines to celebrate the nation's talents.  Stay in the know by following either @indonesiatatler on Instagram, or with our weekly Tatlergrams column.

Millane Fernandez

Singer Millane Fernandez posted a candid picture of her and actress Luna Maya. Both were seen on Jakarta Fashion Week's stage.

Anastasia Siantar

Our gorgeous Generation T ambassadors, Maria Rahajeng and Anastasia Siantar, were spotted at Furla's F/W launch collection with Paola Tambunan. 

Paula Verhoeven

Supermodel Paula Verhoeven also made an appearance on the runway as she walked for Indonesian designer Yosep Sinudarsono.

Kelly Tandiono

Elsewhere, Kelly Tandiono posted a witty slow-motion video where she elegantly dropped down to sleep on the stage. We would like to see this in real life!

Reino Barack

Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Reino Barack took a snap of the church's interior in Vienna, Austria.

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