Sonia Fergina Citra appears fabulous and breathtaking, donning a gorgeous dress for the upcoming Miss Universe 2018, but Sonia isn’t the only one who’s ever gone all-out for the iconic international beauty pageant. In conjunction with Sonia’s glamorous appearance, we’re celebrating the last five magnificent years of fashion and fierceness on the Miss Universe ramp.

Sonia Fergina Citra: ‘Bird of Paradise’

Boldly walking down the stage like it’s hers, Sonia manages to awe audiences with her national costume signifying the iconic bird of paradise. With extravagant wings, feathers, and complementing heels, she is bounds to be a treat to a sore judge’s eyes.

Bunga Jelitha Ibrani: ‘Warrior of Orangutan’

Designed by the eccentric Rinaldy Yunardi, the ‘Warrior of Orangutan’ dress worn by Bunga looks complex yet simplistic. The message delivered by the dress is simple: to preserve the dwindling population of orangutans.

Kezia Warouw: ‘Unity Nation’

Kezia appears fierce and stunning bearing a golden Garuda dress complete with wings and Indonesian flag while walking down the stage. The designer, Dynand Fariz, stated that the dress was meant to represent elegance and success with its gold colour scheme.

Anindya Kusuma Putri: ‘Mythical Eyes On Barong’

Anindya shocked the world with this 27kg barong dress. Although heavy, it was worth a shot as it bears a strong philosophy: that life is only for once, and it is necessary to do as much good to the world.

Elvira Devinamira: ‘The Chronicles of Borobudur’

Anindya wasn’t the only one bearing an overweight but fabulous dress to represent the best of Indonesia. Elvira, too, wore a 20kg dress adorned with complex details and design signifying the great temple of Borobudur. Fabulous!


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