A hilarious comedian, a skillful director, an inspiring writer, a doting father… Ernest Prakasa is a man who’s got it all. Our 2017 Generation T honouree kicked off his career as an Indonesian stand-up comedian and has been going strong ever since. The comedian has made a name for himself in Indonesia as a multi-talented man who really has the best of all worlds and achieves it through hard work and determination. Let’s learn more about him.

An accomplished man

Born and bred in Jakarta, Ernest Prakasa is definitely what we would describe as highly accomplished. So how did it all start? Being a stand-up comedian is what Ernest is known for best, which is also the reason he gained his fame. Back in 2011, he took part in a Stand-Up Comedy Indonesia (SUCI) competition and won second runner-up position and went on to becoming absolutely viral.

Sticking to his love for entertaining the crowd as what he does best, the superstar proceeded to hold a stand-up comedy solo tour across Indonesia. Over time, Ernest got involved in other things as well, including, directing films that received highly favourable reviews in Indonesia, writing a book titled Ngenest, which is based on his life, succeeding as an actor, and now leading his stand-up comedian management business called HAHAHA CORP.

Three’s a party

Ernest Prakasa is today seen as one of the brightest young directors in Indonesia’s film industry. With the film industry facing ongoing growth, Ernest sure is on track. One similarity you’ll spot in his movies are the themes he communicates, which are always related to family and identity. Ernest grew up in an environment in which he was bullied due to his ethnicity; hence, he uses his comedy-drama related films to express it all. Three movies that reached a range of 1-2 million viewers were Cek Toko Sebelah (2016), in which where he played protagonist Susah Sinyal (2017), and Milly & Mamet (2018), which went on to score a number of awards, as well.

Where does the inspiration come from?

One question you probably have on your minds is where Ernest gets his inspiration from to draft such spectacular stories? The Chinese-Indonesian man usually gets inspired from things happening around him. Carrying the elements of family, self-identity, what happens in your daily life is what his movies usually focus on, making sure it’s relatable for all viewers. Ernest once said: “My formula is that I try to balance the comedy with the drama, so you get the best of both worlds.” The loving husband also always makes sure to seek further advice from his wife, Meira Anastasia, when it comes to movies!

Ethnicity matters

As we previously mentioned, ethnicity has always been a huge part of the 36-year-old’s life and for this reason you can always see ethnicity being a main subject in his stand-up. He also portrays the concept of ethnicity in the form of being a Chinese man living in Indonesia in his books.

Stand-Up Indonesia

Ernest, along with Pandji Pragiwaksono, Raditya Dika, and Isman H. Suryaman, were the founders of Stand Up Indonesia, which is a community especially made for people who are interested in stand-up comedy and who are enthusiastic to learn more about it. Ernest held the title of chairman up to June 2013. It started off as a small community as being a stand-up comedian was something new a few years ago. However, today, the world of stand-up comedy is growing and is becoming something everyone wants to see in Indonesia.

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