Reino Barack, one of Indonesia’s most renowned businessman, has always been one of Indonesia’s most talked about—and we can see why. This young CEO has made some serious milestones and he’s only in his 30s. From studying at a well-known university to being the co-founder some of the best dining restaurants in Jakarta, Reino Barack is a man full of surprises, and we know you want to get to know him a little bit better. So here are the five facts about Reino Barack.

CEO of MNC New Media

Carrying the position of CEO in your 30s is definitely a big thing, and Reino is lucky enough to have that position within one of the biggest corporates in Indonesia, MNC New Media. So he’s not only handsome, but also very successful to boot.

Co-founder of some of Jakarta’s best restaurants

Living in Jakarta, you’ve surely heard of these haunts: Ristorante de Valentino, Akira Back, and Altitude at The Plaza. Yes, Reino is the co-founder of these prestigious dining restaurants. Well known among Indonesia’s F&B Industry, Reino is determined to raise the bar of the local culinary scene with his love of food and libations.

Bachelor’s in international finance and international economics

Reino pursued his bachelor’s degree at the American University of Paris, where he spent time learning and having the time of his life. With a degree like this, it’s no wonder that Reino has the ability to accomplish so much in Indonesia.

Throw a punch

What better way to relieve stress than with boxing? Reino Barack loves indulging in many sporting activities, and his favorite is boxing. He has several reasons why, with the first and foremost being that boxing is good to good at improving your cardiovascular health. Reino also believes that boxing helps shape your body and to sculpt a great physique. Furthermore, he says that boxing helps your eyes and your hands coordinate and work as a team.

Learned linguist

Reino has a penchant for languages, having been all over the world for his education, his work, vacations, and everything in between. So knowing more than one language is definitely a necessity. Obviously, Reino speaks Bahasa Indonesia as he was born and bred in Indonesia, but Reino is also fluent in English and Japanese. As soon as he finished studying, Reino’s first work experience was in Tokyo as an equity officer at banking company Merrill Lynch where, coincidently, his grandparents live. 

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