Rosy Riady is a woman who exudes poise and elegance. The beloved wife of Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr Tahir MBA is also one of Indonesia’s richest. A wife, mother, grandmother, socialite, and entrepreneur, Rosy carries a number of titles and excels in each and every one of them. She, alongside with her husband, has built a substantial legacy in Indonesia, but it seems not many have heard of this special lady. With this in mind, here are fast five facts about Rosy Riady you may not know.

Daughter to Lippo Group founder and wife to Mayapada Group founder

The Lippo Group is one of the biggest conglomerates in Indonesia and was founded by Rosy’s father, Mochtar Riady, the ninth-richest man in Indonesia, making the Lippo Group one of the biggest names in the country. And it doesn’t end there for Rosy, as her husband, Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr Tahir MBA also serves as the founder of the Mayapada Group, which is yet another Indonesian conglomerate. Coming from an affluent family with a successful background, Rosy is indeed one of the most prestigious women in the nation.

Arranged marriage

Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr Tahir MBA and Rosy Riady had an arranged marriage back on the March 23, 1974. The marriage was arranged by Rosy’s grandmother, who chose her suitor due to their similar backgrounds, both of them coming from the same village in China. The marriage was an eye-opener for Tahir as he never knew his life would change so much for the better. Adjusting to his new in-laws was a successful challenge—from the very beginning, Mochtar Riady had made it clear that none of his sons- or daughters-in-law would be allowed into any of his business ventures.

Family tree

Rosy Riady and Tahir together have four lovely children: Jonathan, Jane, Grace, and Victoria. The family is often seen together, and this shows the close relationship that they share, which includes love and respect for each other. Today, Rosy carries the title of grandmother to nine young and adorable grandchildren. Would you ever believe she is a grandma with her young looks and youthful face?

Founder of H2H Outlet

Rosy Riady founded Here 2 Help Outlet in 2011: an outlet aimed at providing education to children who have never experienced studying in school. So how does this outlet work? Through donations by the public of second-hand products, H2H Outlet then sells these items and donates the proceeds to provide for kids with basic and proper education. The world has some of the kindest people looking out for Indonesia’s children, and Rosy is one of them.

Passionate about paintings

If you browse through Rosy’s Instagram profile, you’ll notice a number of gorgeous paintings. Yes, Mrs. Riady is very passionate about paintings and has been for a long time. From flowers to fruits, Rosy likes to paint just about anything. She not only paints for herself, but also uses painting as a way to express her kind acts. For instance, Rosy painted an apple tree for a pre-school opening—as she states on an Instagram caption, it’s #nevertoolatetopaint.

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