President Jokowi is known as a family man. Knowing his persona, it’s no secret that wherever he goes, he always brings his warm and friendly personal touch that attracts everyone. Now imagine that positive energy given directly to a family—one can only wonder how perfect and charming that little family could be. From his way of maintaining his children’s lives to the hassles of keeping in touch with everyone, the president proves to be an excellent role model to both his family and his people. Learn more here.

Freedom for life choices

Supporting a family is not easy—supporting one as president, on the other hand, may prove even more problematic. With so much at stake and a billion things to consider, it could get tempting to keep a lookout on your children and their lives. But it is no secret that President Jokowi’s children are not obligated to follow a certain path in their lives or to dive into politics like their father. His children have their own free will, too.

Children should be independent

The lives of a public figure’s offspring are usually spoiled and more at ease, sheltered under the fruition of their parents’ success. President Jokowi has different methods than this. His children are taught to be independent and to rise their name so they are not overshadowed by their father. From Gibran Rakabuming, Kahiyang Ayu, and Kaesang Pangarep, they are taught to thrive and create their own business brands as they will.

Always make time for family

On December 8, the president revealed to the press that he had been having trouble sparing time for his family but figured out how in the end. It was stated when the president was seen having a friendly stroll at the presidential palace in Bogor with his family that he even makes time every night for his adorable grandson, Jan Ethes, for a video call before he sleeps.

Simple living

It is no secret that the humble president has been showcasing simple living as a role model for the whole country. What people may not already know is that this lifestyle has also been embedded in the family as well. The proof can be seen in some Jokowi's acts in daily lives, or also from his children Gibran and Kahiyang, which their wedding events were also said quite humble.

Bringing a warm presence

We all know how friendly and welcoming our president can be, so we may expect the same positive energy given to his charming family. Not only functioning as a father and leader of the family, he also portrays himself as a friend to his children. As you can see from the cheeky vlogs of Kaesang, President Jokowi can be seen joking and sharing with his beloved without any wall standing between their father-and-son relationship.

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