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With Indonesia Tatler’s Generation T 2018 looming around the corner, there’s no harm in revisiting its concept. If you can’t recall last year’s event or if you’re completely new to this, we’re here to jog your memory and reintroduce you to the enticing world of Generation T!


Generation T is exactly what it sounds like—a community of brilliant young people who have established their territory in their nation. Together with a panel of expert judges also known as the Tribe members, 50 names are chosen as the face of Indonesia Tatler’s new generation of bright and creative achievers.


While we can’t reveal the names before the list launch, think big industry names and rising stars. Last year, Achmad Zaky, Nicoline Patricia Malina, and Reza Rahadian were some of the Gen. T Listers. Check out some of the names last year before the unveiling of 2018 list.


If you think Indonesia is the only region celebrating this young generation, you’re mistaken. Spanning across eight regions, Generation T exists everywhere, building a sense of international community among these young stars.

 Indonesia Tatler’s sister regions are celebrating their own youthful innovators and some have even held Gen.T parties. Curious to see Southeast Asia’s rising stars? Hop over to our sister regions for more.


Can’t wait to see this year’s honourees? Join us as we unveil 2018’s Gen. T List during the exclusive party on Friday, August 10.


Gen. T isn’t just an awards ceremony. It’s a community aimed at celebrating the nation’s youths that show promise and potential. Throughout the year, Asia Tatler will continuously host Gen. T events and connect these inspirational individuals with their fellow listees, their Tribe members, and even other countries. With the hopes of encouraging more youths to soar in the industry of their choice, the Gen. T community will be the exemplar for many across the continent.

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