Although seven is not really an accurate number because there might be more than 7 dogs that we featured here (oops!), but we thought you wouldn’t mind because they are adorable puppies, and we can give you guarantee that they will instantly bring a smile to your face. Read on!

 Coco and Lulu

Richard Muljadi and Shalvynne Chang are the proud parents of two french bulldogs named  Coco and Lulu. Their cuteness is well-documented on a special Instagram page dedicated to showcase their daily activities and funny expressions. We think it’s safe to say that they are living the high life indeed, as seen by their recent lavish birthday party that use a sailor theme on a luxurious yacht. Find them on Instagram @misscocodafrench and @ladybellucci!

 Kodi and Lola

Actress Nana Mirdad owns several dogs, including a Boxer dog named Kodi and a Shitzu named Lola.  Nana often referred to her dogs as her daughters. She also often documented Lola’s cuteness and always mentions Kodi as a well-behaved dog that listens to her. It seems like Lola and Kodi has found a perfect new home seeing how much Nana always describe her lovingly on Instagram.  


Actor Ryan Delon loves her dog Frost as much as he loves his wife (just kidding!). The reason is because Ryan always post his loving moments with Frost as much as he posts loving moments with his wife, and he always look like he can’t get over Frost’s cuteness. Frost is an adorable golden retriever with soft golden fur and that adoring puppy eyes that always manages melt our hearts.

 Pepper, Mochi, Akira, Basil, Lark, Bacon and Charlie

Sophia Latjuba is not only a gorgeous actress, she is also a golden-hearted woman who owns and take care of seven dogs: Pepper, Mochi, Akira, Basil, Lark, Bacon and Charlie. She adopted Bacon from Garda Satwa seeing that Bacon has loses his front paws due to inhumane treatments from its previous owner. Phew, she must have been busy at work and at home taking care of all the little paws, but we all must agree that Sophia still looks great amidst her busy schedule.


Kartika Winata is the owner of Ebiwatch and is the proud owner of one French bulldog she called Oppa. Oppa even has his own Instagram page, displaying his cuteness daily to his fanbase. Kartika also owns two other dogs that are of Samoyed and Alaskan Malamute breed. Kartika’s love for Oppa often can be seen through her favourite activity of dressing him up in several ensembles like a policemen uniform and cute sunglasses.


Musician Kevin Aprilio is a proud owner of Genji, an Akita that is said to originate from the mountainous northern region of Japan. It has an interesting history as being used originally as a guarding royal and nobility in feudal Japan. Currently five months old, we are truly blessed with his own account on Instagram where we can see its cute pose while wearing serious expressions on a daily basis.


Davina Veronica is a renowned dog lover. As the founder and CEO of Garda Satwa Indonesia and actively involved in WWF Indonesia, Davina is known to have multiple pets at home that she either adopts or randomly adopts from the streets of Jakarta. She condemns dog meat trade and vocally does so through her social media. Davina owns an adorable Shitzu breed called Jowi, often referring Jowi as her baby. Davina is known to adopt pets instead of buying them. Once, she found a cat by the street that she took home and care for as a pet. What a marvellous exemplary lady!

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