As the fourth most populous country in the world, Indonesia boasts many talented and extraordinary people with both power and class. Sadly, there aren’t many who have been overly generous to the place that shelters them—but some have. For these socialites, giving back to society has never been an obligation, but they have done it anyway, and for that we can never be grateful enough. So read on, raise your glasses, and give a salute to these wonderfully generous people who had made Indonesia a better place.




Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler Archive

As one of the richest people in the country, it’s amazing that someone as valuable as Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr Tahir MBA—to give him his full title—values others who have been less fortunate than most of us. Starting out of a concern for the state of Indonesia’s healthcare and education, Dr Tahir founded a privately funded organisation called the Tahir Foundation, which aims to bridge gaps in health services, improve quality education, and seek out partnership with other leading organisations.


Putera Sampoerna

Putera Sampoerna.jpg

Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler Archive

Another from our “richest of the richest” list is the heir to the Sampoerna cigarette company, Putera Sampoerna. Although he’s been very lucky, with education in both Hong Kong and the US, all his privileges haven’t stopped him giving back to others. With a foundation of his own, Putera tries his best to bring about educational sustainability and easier access to international education for Indonesian students. The goal is to ensure a better-quality future generation, not only intellectually but also ethically.


Annisa Pohan

Gorgeous, a terrific mum, and, most of all, charitable. Annisa Pohan has lived a very privileged life from her early childhood, moving from place to place—Tokyo to Jakarta—all the glamour hasn’t stopped her from recognising that many parts of her beloved homeland are underprivileged. She founded the Tunggadewi Foundation and she aims to create a platform for activities relating to quality education, social responsibility, and also women’s and children’s welfare.


Millie Stephanie & Magda Hutagalung


Photo: Courtesy of Indonesia Tatler Archive

With Millie being the CEO and founder of Mobiliari Group—the publisher of Indonesia Tatler—and Magda being a successful entrepreneur, interior designer, and property developer, it seems like the two women have it all and couldn’t ask for anything more. But that’s not the case. Besides being as fabulous as they are, they give back to society via the Pansophia Nusantara Foundation, a charity aiming to help improve education for underprivileged students.


Dita Soedarjo & Dr Christabella


Photo: Courtesy of Dita Soedarjo and Dr Christabella

Being young, beautiful, and successful is apparently not enough for Dita Soedarjo and Dr Christabella. With Dita the heir to media mogul Soetikno Soedarjo and the owner of the high-end ice-cream brand Haagen Dazs Indonesia and Dr Christabella a devoted doctor, the two share a common belief that anyone can make a difference in the world. Along with their friend Karenina Sunny, they founded a charity called Let’s Share, which aims to improve healthcare, education, and public services.


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