At the age of 24, Natasha Cinta Vinski has the credentials of one who is decades older than her.

 She is the CEO of Vinski Tower, an anti-ageing and preventive medicine clinic founded by her mother, Dr Deby Vinski, and CEO to Aero Queen, a Singapore-based helicopter vendor previously led by her late father Ivan Vinski.

She is also a doctor, having graduated top of her class at a well-regarded Indonesian university and has been accepted in the MBA programme of an Ivy League university found in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And, oh, Natasha, who launched her first fashion business, Foxy, when she was 17, is also the founder of Love Humanity NCV, a non-government organisation (NGO) that provides medical aid to the less privileged.

“My parents never taught me that I cannot do something. I always believe I can,” she said about her drive to assume the various responsibilities she has her hands on. Speaking more on her upbringing, Natasha, who is an only child, pointed out that her parents raised her to be an independent woman who strives to make her mark in the world. “My parents trusted me with the family businesses, but they also said that I must not only maintain them, but I have to also develop them,” she added.

At Vinski Tower, which she described as her father’s last gift to her mother and her, Natasha largely focuses on the management of the clinic, which provides a wide range of services from regenerative treatment to stem cell therapy. “I put my personal touches in not only the design of the clinic, but also the services we offer and even the way we do our marketing,” she said, adding that she favours using technology, like social media, to reach consumers.

Her choice to pursue medicine is deeply linked to her family history. Besides her mother, known as the queen of anti-ageing medical treatment, her grandfather and great-grandfather from her father’s side practiced medicine as well. “When I was very young, I would play dress up in my mother’s closet. I would try on her stethoscope and doctor’s coat. I’ve never felt more comfortable in any other fabric as the coat,” said Natasha, who has a vast collection of coveted fashion pieces.

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[Text by: Mariel Grazella; Photographer: Iyan Xavier; Stylist: Adi Surantha; Make-up and hair: Shina Chopra; Wardrobe: Private Collection (Gucci and Louis Vuitton)]

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