With the arrival of baby Lucas, mother-daughter combo Yvonne Yuen and Michelle certainly have their hands full with the little bundle of joy. “She definitely loves him more than she loves me now, that’s for sure,” laughs Michelle, as she sees her mother cradling Lucas in her arms.

Michelle tells Indonesia Tatler that although the two have many differences, she could not have had anyone better than Yvonne in the delivery room: she was by her side through the delivery process. Lucas is currently 6 months old and is a delight to his mother and grandmother. Michelle admits that she looks up to her mother and actually treats her as an older sister.

“The one thing we really like doing together is eating and trying different cuisines,” says Michelle. “And taking care of Lucas,” Yvonne adds. Yvonne’s home is adorned with the many photographs of herself and her two girls, as well as an exceptionally capturing image of herself and Michelle.

Photography by Heri B. Heryanto

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