Alexandra Asmasoebrata and Dias Baskara Muchdi are the faces of this month’s Valentine lovebirds. Having just tied the knot and recently returned from their delightful honeymoon, the couple are all smiles chatting about the meaning of love.

“We just recently returned home and are moving into our new place. It is a lot of adjustments, but we couldn’t be happier,” Alexandra said chirpily. The couple attended high school together but did not personally know one another.

Even though Alexandra was Dias’s underclassman and shared common friends, they were only introduced at a café in 2009, after which they started dating in 2010.

“After being in a relationship for two years, we both knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. Even though Valentine’s Day is a big deal for many, for us, February 13 is bigger. We started dating one day before Valentine’s Day and have celebrated it every year since then. This year I might cook for us at our new place,” she said excitedly.

Alexandra is a professional racer but a married life might limit her demand for racing. “I don’t think Dias will let me do the whole series, but I’m still begging for it,” she said with a smile.

To conclude the special evening, we asked the couple about their philosophy of loving and being loved, they agreed on a mutual answer: “Tolerance and trust. At the end of the day, we are two people, with two different personalities and backgrounds. So when it comes to the equation of love, it is all about tolerance and trust.”

Watch the videos below:

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