Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and Aaron Kwok. In addition to being international superstars, all are bonded by another common trait: they have all been outfitted by Indonesia’s very own Rinaldy Yunardi. A milliner and fashion accessories designer extraordinaire, Rinaldy’s masterpieces have travelled across international waters, into the hand—and and onto the heads—of these world-famous singers. Indonesia Tatler recently had the pleasure of catching up with Rinaldy, to talk about how it all began and his dreams for the future.

 Rinaldy had sold tyres, tiaras, and electronic goods before going on to craft his own creations. As far from fashion and design as it could be, marketing tyres did teach Rinaldy invaluable lessons that are still applicable today. His time as a marketer of tiaras and bridal accessories meant that he was able to meet several of Indonesia’s most prominent fashion designers—many of whom are now lifelong friends. However, it was during his time helping run his brother’s electronics factory that Rinaldy got his first taste of creating with his own hands.

With an immense desire to learn and improve, Rinaldy continued experimenting on his own. Despite being faced with insurmountable uncertainties, and not having any formal design education, Rinaldy pushed through. While we live in a time where an excess of information is readily available online, Rinaldy had to depend on books—which were difficult to acquire—and learn from other established designers. With his previous marketing skills and word-of-mouth association, Rinaldy was able to sell his creations and build his brand. Today, the Rinaldy Yunardi name is synonymous with intricate tiaras, crowns, and the most outlandish hats and headpieces.


Constantly creating and designing for more than 20 years is no mean feat. Rinaldy’s love and dedication to his craft are the secrets behind his continued success. To Rinaldy, creativity is not something to be chased, or sought after. It is all around. Wherever he goes, he is always drawing inspiration from the beauty and weirdness of his surroundings.

 “Creativity is not something that can be learned within a semester or two of school,” said Rinaldy. “It is more about the process and how much you appreciate it. “At the heart of creativity is curiosity. I am always experimenting. The more I do it, the more I can see and learn for myself the areas in which I can improve.”

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