Adinia Wirasti by Benny Lims-6.jpeg
Foto dok: Adinia Wirasti

“For me, being healthy means when feeling good about yourself inside and out because most women do care about the way we look, and we try our best to maintain it. If I am healthy, I am wealthy and happy,” said Adinia Wirasti. She further explained that the wealth of knowledge and understanding about the body and its wellness is more important.

Armed with knowledge, Wirasti now sees her weight beyond just numbers and wants to normalise its fluctuation without any stigma. “If you keep exercising, for example, the muscle mass gained would make you heavier. Body fat should be the one to be adjusted since body mass is just an overall indicator of what happens within your body,” she said. “Maintaining your health is a lifelong journey, and it took me a year to acknowledge that change comes gradually.

There are also times when the body needs to rest, and Wirasti decreases the intensity of her workouts. “The body could show traumas but would also adjust its new state.” After recovering, Wirasti loves to try new things and challenge herself with different fitness regimes to get stronger. She also seeks external help through a coach, a nutritionist and a physiotherapist to ensure overall balance.

To maintain her active lifestyle, here are the habits Wirasti keeps to lead a holistic life:

1/5 Positive mindset

Do stop overthink and never let the comments of others control how you feel; you have to understand your limits and possibilities.

2/5 Quality Time

Spending time with my loved ones, and surrounding myself with those who accept me for who I am, is very important.

3/5 Physical Exercise

Never skip a workout. I would at least go to the gym to motivate myself, and the rest is history.

4/5 Body Posture

Strenght training, stretching and physiotherapy help me to maintain a good body posture. I can speak louder and breathe more easily by adjusting my physical posture, which makes me more confident.

5/5 Balanced diet

Although I count my calories intake, there are times to indulge myself a bit as a reward.