Rosalinda Kwee, or Rosa as she is more affectionately known, is bubbly, vivacious and full of positive energy. Married young to a successful businessman from Malang, Ferry Andrianto, the couple is blessed with three teenage children. 

We spent an afternoon with Rosa and get to know her a little bit better.

What is your personal style in fashion?

I wear anything that is comfortable—but definitely something classy and elegant.

What is the one thing you always have to take with you?

A camera is very important, so that I can take selfies whenever I travel.

What is your guilty pleasure?

I love getting massage ritual at home. I do it almost every day.

Where is your favourite destination?

I love visiting Europe, especially Switzerland and Paris.

What are your passions in life?

I love everything about fashion. Whenever I have the chance to visit abroad, I hunt for fashionable items that I can't find back home, such as Hermès. Besides that, I also love to eat! I would say that I’m a foodie and I dare to try all kinds of dishes, from street food to Michelin-starred restaurants.

How would you usually spend your evening?

I always spend my evening with my husband and children since they are my most prized possessions.

Who is your inspiration in life?

It would be my husband. He is a loving husband and father and plus he gives the best advice! [Laughs]

What are your mottos in life?

My motto is to go with the flow in life and don’t live life with grudges.


Photo Credit: Hakim Satriyo 

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