Otis Hahijary has made a name for himself in the television industry by propelling television station ANTV—with whom he takes the lead as Vice President Director—to success. ANTV was named as the number one television station this year, the first time since its establishment.

The man, who is as passionate for mathematics as he is for art, shared his habits that he says have aided in him in great business feats.

1. There is no other recipe than hard work, discipline, and focus

Regardless of whether he is on an airplane or an overseas business trip, this jetsetter never fails to hold meetings with his trusted team in Jakarta to go over the latest business numbers and strategies.

“We have meetings every 10 am from Monday to Saturday,” he noted, adding that during his trips to Paris, he would wake up at the crack of dawn to have teleconference sessions.

2. Work hard and pray hard—this is what we believe in

His days may be filled with a rush of deadlines and power meetings, but Otis takes time to pause and meditate. He also makes time to connect to his higher power through praise or worship during the weekends.

3. We always go to the untapped markets: these are markets our competitors have never been to

Armed with data, Otis collaborates with production companies in countries such as Thailand, Turkey, and India, thereby expanding ANTV’s portfolio beyond the usual Western TV shows. He chooses countries that have cultural similarities, he notes, to ensure the success of those shows in the home country.

“This is the key of ANTV: untapped markets,” he added.

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