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These days, there is an application for almost anything as people look for help choosing everything from holidays to somewhere to eat. However, there are now applications that will help you find and keep track of something a bit more unpredictable: people.

Find My Friends helps you to find anyone and contact them—as long as they have the application installed. Free to download, the application is aimed at staying in touch with people who are travelling and find it hard to constantly keep in contact. Yet it is also being used by parents who wish to contact their children who might be travelling or not answering their phones. The ability to send an emergency alert in case the user is in danger is also a feature that attracts parental usage.   

 Having someone know your whereabouts all the time might feel like you are being spied on, but it is becoming more and more popular with parents and children, creating peace of mind when children are out of sight. Drivers are also using the application in order to avoid answering the phone to reduce risk of accidents.

 Find My Friends isn’t the only application that focuses on tracking family and friends. The well-known app designer iSharingSoft has produced the Family Locator by iSharing. This offers a trusted brand that comes with all the elements of other applications with the added bonus of a two-way quick-launch walkie-talkie element in case of emergencies.

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