Aside from his role as CEO and founder of Kokatto, Arsyah Rasyid is widely known in the media as the boyfriend of talented starlet Maudy Ayunda. Referring to Maudy as “my girl”, Arsyah recounts his first date with Maudy and also offers useful relationship insights on building a long-lasting relationship. Curious? We know you are…

Can you tell us about your first date with Maudy?

Oh boy, was I nervous [laughs]. On the first date, I actually decided that I want her to see me as me. I don’t want to be like those guys who drive their father’s fancy car to impress their date, because it doesn’t last and you might attract the wrong person. I actually took my girl to a roadside stall [laughs].

So that’s why it lasted so long?

Haha exactly! When we were eating, we saw cats walking around, but both of us had a blast! And FYI, I actually enjoy that kind of food, so in case you’re wondering, I didn’t have any intention to test her [laughs].


Can you give us some relationship advice on building a long-lasting and happy relationship?

The first is to be genuine. Long-lasting is the key phrase here, so you have to understand that when you are in that infatuation phase, you often overdo or overfeel. Honestly, I was like that too. I got those butterfly feelings in my stomach, but at the back of my head, I knew it would not be a lasting feeling. In my experience, it will probably last between three to six months. This doesn’t mean that after that period you love that person less; I love a person even more as time goes by, but there’s no more of those exaggerated feelings you get in the beginning. In the beginning, the danger is that we tend to overdo, oversay, and overdeliver, then six months down the road, when infatuation dies down, you start to question the other person for not acting the way they did in the beginning. So from the getgo, just be genuine.

What’s the second of your relationship tips?

Communication—relationship problems often arise from a lack of communication. When you have any issues, just share them. But keep in mind that sharing is something that needs to be learned as well. When we share our issues, don’t disregard the other person’s feelings. I can be very blunt actually, so if a girl is sensitive, she might get hurt by my remarks, so I have to learn to deliver my thoughts in a way that don’t attack her feelings. If you sleep on an issue and still think about it the next day, then you should talk about it with your partner.

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