Style is subjective, both to the wearer and in the eyes of the beholder. And yet, these men and women featured in this year’s Asia’s Most Stylish list all show one factor how their distinct styles transcend the boundaries of personal preferences. It all came down to their personalities. To be confident and comfortable in their skins no matter the clothing they wore. Especially during these difficult times of the Covid-19 pandemic, each of these Indonesian stars and creatives also brings their stories to the table—to entertain and to inspire us all. Here are the most stylish individuals in Indonesia you should know.



Bunga Citra Lestari
Singer and actress

Known with her acronym BCL, Bunga Citra Lestari is a multi-talented Indonesian singer, actress and model. The cover star of our October issue also has a long list of hit songs and awards for shows and movies, including Best Solo Pop Women Artist by Anugerah Musik lndonesia in 2019. On and off stage, she is famous for bold and original fashion choices, making Bunga a brand and fan favourite.


Jovi Adhiguna
Fashion influencer and entrepreneur

Jovi Adhiguna, a fashion influencer recently spreading his wings into culinary businesses, is one of the few public figures in Indonesia to sport an androgynous look. Often seen breaking the fashion rules, Jovi rises above the rest with an iconic style he dubbed as ''a hot mess”, which showcases a messy-but-hot look at the same time. Despite his confidence today, Jovi admits that it took him a long time to be comfortable to show his true self. He regretted not being brave enough to try to wear anything he loved sooner back then. “I love wearing a skirt now because, for me, it is a stylish yet bold fashion statement. I wish I could have worn it sooner.”

Agnez Mo.jpg

Agnez Mo
Singer and entrepreneur

From being a child star to a teenage actress having starred in TV series and movies, Agnez Mo has now reached global stardom as a singer and dancer associated with other big names in the pop, R&B and hip-hop music industries such as Steve Aoki, Chris Brown, French Montana, Juicy J. and many others—not to mention other businesses such as fashion, culinary and digital platforms. Agnez is synonymous with edgy and sporty styles, befitting her energetic and enthusiastic personality.


Raline Shah
Actress, philanthropist, public figure and entrepreneur

Despite her busy schedule as an actress and entrepreneur, Raline Shah always makes sure her fashion choices score a perfect ten. For many years, her go-to style would be the sophistication of classic chic pieces. One interesting fact that no one knows is that she is always serious when choosing the best clothes to use and reuse again. “Fashion is about being confident in what you are wearing,” Raline said. “For me, the real luxury fashion is not all about the price and the brand itself. It is about high- quality materials and great tailoring, which could flatter your figure. I would rather invest in a classic well-cut blazer made of fine wool than I can wear it over and over again rather than a trendy branded bag because a good outfit should both reflects your personality and the confidence you need to rule the world”.


Jennifer Bachdim
Parenting influencer and entrepreneur

When it comes to Jennifer Bachdim, one would remember her as a model and fashion influencer who loves sharing fashion tips and travel moments besides discussing good parenting. Although she enjoys fashion, Jennifer does not follow every trend in the fashion industry in place of anything that makes her look good and comfortable. From sporty outfits to evening gowns, Jennifer radiates confidence and looks effortlessly elegant. The mum of three enjoys wearing monochrome and earth-toned outfits coupled with flawless makeup.



Luna Maya
Model, actress and presenter

Luna is famous within the Indonesian entertainment industry, having started as a model in the early 2000s before making it big as an actor. With her charm and stylish confidence to carry almost every look, Luna has represented many global brands. Luna is also one of the judges at Indonesia’s Top Model—a field now seeing a resurgence and new appreciation for local talents on par with their regional counterparts. Aside from being in the spotlight, Luna also owns multiple business ventures. One of her most recent is Nama Beauty and Luna Habit; the latter sells casual and edgy apparel.


Marsha Timothy

Marsha is an Indonesian actress and model. She has played in several movies and won many awards, most notably as the best actress in the 2018 Piala Citra and 2017 International Fantastic Film Festival of Catalonia for her role in Marlina: si Pembunuh Dalam Empat Babak. Being inspired by Michael Jackson as her style-hero, Marsha has an eye-catching and eclectic style seen as a trendsetter.



Darius Sinathrya
Model, actor, TV personality and sports presenter

Darius began his career as a model before venturing deeper into the entertainment industry. The Swiss- born actor today has played in television series, commercials, music videos and big-screen movies. Some of his best hits include Merah Putih and Broken Hearts. After his first gig hosting the 2006 FIFA World Cup, Darius has become the people’s favourite sports presenter. The father of three is also a brand ambassador to several brands, including Eiger Adventure. Matching his grunge style, Darius enjoys off-road biking and playing soccer with his friends.

Indra Nikita.jpg

Indra Priawan and Nikita Willy
Indra is a businessman and Nikita is an actress

Nikita is among the most productive and highly paid soap opera actresses in Indonesia. She began her illustrious career at the age of 10, starring in commercials and supporting roles before soon taking the leads and even foraying into singing. The award-winning celebrity is also a keen businesswoman who owns the Dreamy beauty products and clinic. Nikita also designs the Nikita Willy Gold line at Semar Nusantara. Her name rose even higher upon engagement and wedding to Indra Priawan Djokosoetono, the Blue Bird Group heir. Indra is active within the management of the transportation giant and is a famous auto enthusiast and collector. Together, the couple made for a chic, laid-back pair that many Indonesians adore.

Afgan Syahreza 2.png

Afgan Syahreza

Afgansyah Reza is among the hottest male singers in Indonesia, not only for his clean, boyish look but also for his achievements. Following the latest release of his international album, “Wallflower”, he successfully reached 10 million streams on Spotify—a rare achievement for an Indonesian singer-songwriter. This milestone achievement came from his hard work after signing with EMPIRE, a major label from the United States, and collaboration with Got7 member Jackson Wang.



Natasha Vinski-Borneo
Doctor and entrepreneur

Behind her lavish style, often splashed with pink, Natasha Vinski is a rising young leader in the medical and aeronautics business. Natasha Vinski is a doctor and the CEO of Vinski Tower, a beauty clinic offering a range of treatments in anti-ageing. Moreover, she is also the CEO of Aero Queen and Skyte Aviation, an aeronautics business serving the sales and purchase of helicopters and private jets. She keeps it classy in the office by mix-matching hundreds of different chic suit options. At social events, one could easily spot Natasha with her fitted-cut outfits with lots of details, beads or bright colours. Many, however, do not realise her gravitation towards watches typically seen for men’s fashion. Natasha’s favourite is the Patek Philippe 5721P, which emphasises power, professionalism, and classiness.


Anggun C. Sasmi
Singer and TV personality

Indonesian-born French singer-songwriter and television personality Anggun is one of the most prominent Indonesian female rock stars of the early 1990s. Her career took off internationally in 1997 with one of her classic hits, Snow on the Sahara, topping charts in France, Italy, Spain and several countries in Asia. Anggun has since won many awards: Chevalier des Arts et Lettres from the Government of France, the 2014 World Music Award for World’s Best- Selling Indonesian Artist, the 2020 Bravo International Classical Music Awards in the Duet of the Year category, for singing Caruso with the late Maestro Luciano Pavarotti, and many more. However famous Anggun is, including her role among Asia’s Got Talent judges, her warm personality and elegant style endear to many admirers.


Jeremy Thomas
Actor, director and producer

An icon in the showbiz world for more than three decades, Jeremy is ever fashionable to the public eye for his modern, clean and relaxed style. Always giving his best while retaining an original vision in any body of work, Jeremy first rose to fame as an actor in dramas. Today, his creative vision extends to producing and directing films, televisions and digital content through Creative Power Management based in Indonesia and England. Jeremy’s main goal, to create better quality content for and to promote Indonesia, can be seen from the Jelajah Indonesia programme on his Youtube and the Rebels series—the latter filmed in London and Bali.

Richard Muljadi.jpg


Richard Muljadi and Shalvynne Chang
Richard is a businessman and Shalvynne is a social media star

Among the most exclusive yet elusive ‘it’ couple about town, Shalvynne Chang and Richard Muljadi make a handsome couple. She has an effortlessly elegant look, while he owns a dapper, tailored appearance. The couple often travelled around the world clad in luxurious outfits with their followers closely admiring the loving duo’s social media posts. These spotlights are no surprise since Richard is among the board of directors at one of the local giants in oil and gas service. He is also the grandson of Indonesian conglomerate Kartini Muljadi, among the rare richest women, annually listed in the Forbes 50 Richest. Shalvynne, previously an actress, is a social-media star with quality content on style tips and makeup, plus insights about her family life.