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June saw a record of over 30 hours non-stop live streaming watched by 4.1 million viewers through RANS Entertainment’s YouTube and Facebook channels filled with mini-concerts, talk shows, family play sessions and donation distributions featuring top-billed names. April, on the other hand, was a time when 50 influential figures, from actors to business people, politicians, writers, and many others, showed their support to the front-line workers through a collaborative song. These shows of solidarity during the Covid-19 pandemic earned their spots on the Indonesia World Records Museum (MURI), and all bore the name Shandy Purnamasari behind them.

The gentle soul and soft-spoken lady is famed for her beauty empire under the MS Glow flag, which started as an online-based skin- and body-care shop in 2013 with locally-made products. Its fast growth and rapid expansion across the archipelago is thanks to an early and steady online and social media presence, counting celebrities and influencers both as ambassadors of the brand and loyal clients. A vast network of nation-wide distributors is another factor of its success, all grown from Purnamasari’s hometown in Malang, East Java. Out of this highland city, she built a solid base of consumers who are looking for high-quality beauty products, which in 2017 grew to be among the first luxury treatment centres around the area, MS Glow Aesthetic Clinic.

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Strategic expansions continues until its seventh clinic today in Surabaya, Sidoarjo, Bandung, Bali and Jakarta with two more undisclosed locations slotted to open in September. Moreover, Purnamasari has also built a few factories around Java Island that creates and maintains the quality of 40 products for MS Glow Beauty and MS Cosmetics. These factories also make products for MS Slim’s supplementary health drink and its latest line, MS Glow for Men. “We were among the pioneers in online-based beauty brand, and many plagiarised our products once MS Glow saw success,” she said. “The key is to continue innovating, and to connect the digital presence with offline experience for a complete service, which will create a holistic end-to-end business.”

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Its strong digital presence has since enabled MS Glow to fare better during the Covid-19 pandemic with only a few offline services that are on hold, and a few others adapted to its smartphone application. Now that the clinics are starting to reopen, adherence to health protocols is a must, from temperature check before entering to additional spacing between people in the queue, change of bedding after each patient. Its doctors and nurses are always wearing face shields, gloves and masks, and staffs disinfecting all clinics each week.

“I’m positive that the beauty business is among those that would not be much affected during this economic downturn, and that it could recover fast once we’ve transitioned to a state of ‘new normal’,” Purnamasari said.
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