We were lucky enough to catch up recently with socialite—and this month’s cover girl—Pinz Wijaya. During our lovely afternoon chat, Pinz shared with us details about her beauty clinic De’Eleriz, which is considered one of the city’s finest.

She also spilled the beans on how she manages to look so good and reveals a few other of her innermost secrets.

What is your daily routine?

My morning begins with one to two glasses of mineral water followed by light exercise to get my blood-flow going and my body fit before indulging in a healthy and hearty breakfast. Once this is done, I leave for the clinic.

Tell us about the beauty clinic you own in Jakarta.

I am the owner of De’Eleriz in Kebayoran Baru in South Jakarta. We specialise in a variety of beauty services and treatments focusing on one’s face and body.

How did you get into the beauty industry?

I have always been passionate and particular about my own skin and anything to do with beauty until one day it struck me as a good idea to open my own clinic. With that determination, De’Eleriz was developed in 2011. With the amount of people conscious about the way they look and feel, opening De’Eleriz was one of the best things I have done.

What does De’Eleriz specialise in? Give us a few detailed examples of the procedures.

We specialise in conducting procedures through stem-cell replacement. Some of our treatments include oxygen therapy, wholebody lightening, lifting, firming, glowing and body slimming. A combination of all these procedures is what we call the Full Treatment.

Our most current development is face shaping with the use of stem cells. With this treatment, the patient does not have to “go under the knife”. As first-timers to our clinic, patients are granted a full consultation for us to determine the type of skin and what it needs before confirming and starting the procedure.

What is your beauty mantra? How do you maintain a youthful face and body?

I believe that true beauty is revealed from inside and out, so it is necessary for one to have a beautiful heart for it to shine externally. I also hydrate myself regularly and drink as much water as I can every day. Other than that, I have a balanced and nutritious diet while keeping myself active through exercising.

In terms of face products to keep my skin glowing, I regularly clean and moisturise, make sure I remove all make-up before bed so my skin is rejuvenated the next day.

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(Text by: Maina A. Harjani; Photographer: Robin Alfian; Stylist: Adi Surantha; Make-up: Arie Khayz (@Arie_khayz); Hair: Ipank Septian;Wardrobe: Saint Laurent personal collection)


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