Benjamin Halat, Chef de Cuisine of CURATE restaurant at Resorts World Sentosa, only recently touched down in Singapore after years of globetrotting.

Now 31, his culinary journey kicked off at the Hotel Königshof Munich where he served a professional apprenticeship starting aged 17 at the hotel’s Michelin-starred restaurant. With his natural talent and flair, his passion for cooking, and sheer hard work and determination, Chef Benjamin rose up the ladder quicker than expected.

After Germany, he soon found himself based in Switzerland and then Malaysia, which was his last destination before Singapore. Meanwhile, his articulacy in traditional and contemporary European cuisine has been further enhanced after years of being trained under—and having collaborated with—celebrity chefs from all over the world.

At CURATE, Chef Benjamin has taken on the role of inventing new and creative menus, and, of course, bringing a brand-new dining personality to Singapore’s culinary scene. Each of his dishes is composed of a complex mix of different elements and flavours, coming together to form an enchanting piece of culinary art.

His new five- and eight-course dinner menus are inventive collections of deliciously crafted dishes. They both start with six amuse-bouches that include a sweet pinkhued Champagne Ama Ebi with Wasabi, Chorizo Madeleine with Salted Lemon and Japanese-inspired Tuna-Nori Stone that looks deceptively like a pebble as it sits camouflaged amid a bed of stones in Zen tranquility.

Chef Benjamin’s strong grasp of classical and avant-garde culinary techniques as well as his experience in Europe and Asia also allow him to freely mix ingredients from the East and West, bringing out the exemplary flavours of each dish crafted at CURATE.

And just when one thinks the journey has come to a satisfying end, Chef Benjamin serves up his legendary Snickers 2017: a personal interpretation of the popular American chocolate bar that is guaranteed to send your taste buds to cloud nine.

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