The first 2019 social media trend has surfaced and #10yearchallenge is now everywhere. The trend  challenges Instagram users to share a two-sided photograph of their looks now and how they looked 10 years ago side- by- side. Up until now, 1.4 million photos have been shared around the world by using the official #10yearchallenge tag. And, of course, several of our Tatler friends joined in, so we decided to bring you our top 10 picks today.

Sandra Dewi

The adorable Sandra Dewi shared photos of how she looked like 10 years ago and present day and how amazed we are, she just keeps getting better by age.

Bunga Citra Lestari

It seems like BCL simply doesn’t age. The singer and actress posted the pictures with #10yearchallenge recently and she looks glowing on both sides. Can you see the differences?

Dian Sastrowardoyo

Indonesia’s sweetheart Dian Sastro, has been in the Indonesian film industry for almost two decades. In her #10yearschallenge post, Dian posted a picture of her when she appeared in a short movie in 2008 side by side with her newest appearances in a Netflix film. No doubt she looks beautiful.

Nadya Hutagalung

Another Indonesian beauty who took part in this challenge is none other than Nadya Hutagalung. The Australian-born TV host and model leaves us in awe with her 10- years transformation. Can you tell which one is her now and 10 years ago?


Ashanty recently shared the challenge picture to her 16 million followers. The singer shared a photograph of her 10 years ago, when she looked so young placing it next to her glamorous look in the present day. The years may have passed, but Ashanty still looks beautiful now and then.

Audy Item

Another gorgeous woman on the list, 10 years ago Audy was still a young singer, but now she is a mother of two and Iko Uwais’s wife. Audy still looks amazing, and Iko is so lucky, don’t you agree?

Dipha Barus

Not only the ladies, but the gentlemen also took part in this challenge. And here we have Indonesian DJ Dipha Barus sharing his inspiring transformation throughout the decade.

Boy William

Indonesian actor and YouTuber Boy William also doesn’t want to miss out on this latest trend, but Boy really knows how to take it to a whole new level. He posted a picture of him present day and instead of posting a 10-year-old picture, he posted a picture of Super Junior’s Siwon next to him. And strangely, they do look similar.

Samuel Wongso

Entrepreneur and Generation T honouree Samuel also took part in this challenge. The heir of Wong Hang Tailor posted a picture of him 10 years ago looking definitely different but one thing’s for sure, : the groom-to-be becomes more dapper nearing his wedding day.

Christian Rijanto

The founder of ISMAYA group looked nothing but cute even 10 years ago. Christian posted a throwback picture of himself to join in the social media craze of #10yearchallenge, and we’re pleased he did so.

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