She was an animator who pursued a fascination—a master’s degree in animation studied in New York following a bachelor’s degree in graphic design, to be exact, awakened after seeing an animated Olympic Games opening. Returning to Indonesia, she became a pioneer in the country’s animation industry alongside three others, each with his and her own specialty—hers being the three-dimensional type.

 Cici Kusumo Pratiwi is today the CEO of Quintessentially Indonesia—another first for the country with its concierge services that can help manage a member’s life. As Times Magazine puts it, the company is “a magic genie with a little black book in every city”. With the main headquarters in London and others in Los Angeles, New York, Dubai, and Hong Kong, the company’s branches in 65 countries are connected, and each one has access to the others’ client requests.OGXL6086.JPG

 Be it a spot at the recent British royal wedding, a seat at the Olympic Games, or even a space trip in the future, name it and the global team will try to make it happen. “We always do our best to deliver a request both for corporate and individual members,” Cici says. “When it’s undeliverable, we will recommend something similar to the request.” She further gives the example of how the branch here often receives requests from abroad to find good local coffee shops or to reserve Michelin-starred restaurants.

 There are up to 16 special categories for services ranging from travel to housing, education, equestrian, and many others. Demand for its services here is rising, such as for flowers, although Quintessentially Indonesia was just established this year, thus, giving it many possible areas to expand into. However, ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UNHWI) in Jakarta are its focus first as it continues to observe the spending behaviour in other cities such as Denpasar, Surabaya, and Medan.

 Its niche market has proven to be both a challenge and an advantage to Cici because Quintessentially’s services are not exactly new yet are unique. “With a global presence, we are the partner of a personal assistant and not a competitor—but sometimes this is not easy to accept,” she says, “On the other hand, the growing number of UHNWI in Indonesia, including the next generation of older family businesses, is a green pasture for our company.”OGXL5965.JPG

After her departure as an animator with the RCTI station, Cici continued in the media industry—from print to television, advertising, and even design—for a total of 23 years. This helped her transition into hospitality in terms of strategy when it came to bringing in a new brand with unique services. Her father’s role and his dedication to a successful career as a diplomat and a professor are also a key inspiration in her life. One of his many pieces of advice is to be somebody, which means to achieve something by doing what you’re good at that people will recognise you for it.

“I like to challenge myself, because without a challenge life is monotonous.” Cici also states the company’s end goal in closing: “Now, with Quintessentially Indonesia, the challenge is to grow exceptionally well and to earn loyal members.”


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