Taiwanese-born Louise Hsiao moved to Ohio in the US at the tender age of 9, but made frequent trips to her homeland to visit her grandparents. And so it was, at the age of 15, her life changed: a movie director at Taiwan airport approached Louise for a role in his film.

After many discussions with her parents, who raised her with strict Chinese values and traditions and who gave her a timeframe of only one year for the movie, Louise went on and pursued her dreams. She was in two movies and a number of commercials before she went back to school to complete her education.

After she completed high school, this ambitious and driven young lady pursued a degree in International Business at Franklin University in Columbus, Ohio. Upon graduation, she was determined to make it big in life—and nothing has stopped her since.

The lovely young woman moved to Bali five years ago to start a procurement business for hotels in Singapore, which is still running to this day. Then, not too long ago, an Italian friend spoke to her about Damiani and bringing it into the Indonesian market. As many women do, Louise has always had a flair for everything that sparkles, so she couldn’t miss out on the opportunity.

“Damiani was love at first sight,” she tells Indonesia Tatler. “I am a city girl at heart, and even though Bali is beautiful, I missed living in big cities. So when I was presented with this opportunity, I knew it would be great for me to open a boutique in Jakarta. Even though I still have a home in Bali, I now mostly put my heart and soul into Damiani here in Jakarta,” she says.

Damiani is an Italian luxury jewellery group that was founded in Valenza, Italy, in 1924. As such, this family-owned brand has been in operation for some 92 years and is well known in Korean and Japanese society. Now, Damiani has just opened its first boutique here, located in Plaza Indonesia.

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Text By: Maina A. Harjani & Photo Credits: Donny A. Leonardi

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