All about Jokowi’s family is adorable, but there are moments that we’ve all been waiting for and those are the moments between President Jokowi and his super-cute grandson, Jan Ethes. The first son of Gibran Rakabuming and Selvi Ananda managed to steal the limelight as much as his grandpa does. Two-year-old Jan Ethes is also seen to be close with his mbah (grandpa in Javanese) and the bond between them is almost too much to handle. Scouring the president’s Instagram, we have found some of the cutest moments featuring Jan Ethes and President Jokowi.

Jan Ethes with mbah and uti

Duty suddenly became more exciting when Jan Ethes came along. Jokowi and the First Lady are seen accompanied by the super-cute Jan Ethes dressed in a jean jacket and white cap during his visit to Benteng Vastenburg in Solo. See how adorable it is as Jokowi and Iriana fix Jan’s little jacket while the 2- year-old Jan Ethes focus is elsewhere?

Watching the Asian Games with grandpa

Not only did Jokowi’s motorcycle performance capture the nation’s attention, Jan Ethes’ appearance at the 2018 Asian Games also made left us spellbound by how cute he is. Little Jan looked so comfortable sitting with his grandfather by his side.

Driving time with mbah

Playing time with Jan Ethes is the best way to get away from the stress of work and here we see President Jokowi dotingly taking Jan Ethes to a bumper car arcade.

Sunday is play day with Jan Ethes

Jan Ethes apparently loves to spend his Sunday mornings feeding the ducks with his grandfather. And did little Jan know he was being photographed? A natural-born poser for sure.

Weekend in the mall

Proud grandpa Jokowi takes Jan Ethes to ride a mini train during a weekend break. Is there anything better than a grandpa-grandson moment?

Spare time well spent

Jokowi posted a vlog of him playing with Jan Ethes during a stay in Solo and it quickly went viral. See how they play ball and sword-fight together? A lovely scene.

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