The former professional road racing cyclist was the first Briton to wear the leader’s jersey in all three grand tours—France, Italy and Spain—and recently launched a limited edition bicycle with Brompton Bicycle. He shares five of his favourite things.

1. Must-read

One of the books I’ve recently read that has had a big impact on me is Soldiers of Salamis. It’s an amazing historical novel about the Spanish Civil War. It uses a modern narrative to carry the story, and it’s based in my adopted home of Girona. It’s particularly poignant in regards to what is going on right now
between Spain and Catalonia.

 2. Piles of Books

I love books and collect them avidly. The tomes I own, which fill the wall of my study, cover an extremely wide range of subjects. When I stand there and look at them, I can remember where I was in life and what I felt like when I read them. 

3. Spanish Flavours

My favourite restaurant for lunch when I’m on a bike ride is my local, Can Boix in Vilamari. It’s only a few kilometres from my house, so if the wine does flow I can make it home with ease.

4. Girona

The cycling route I love most starts and finishes from my house in the Catalonian town of Girona, Spain. It’s not very long, about 50 kilometres, yet there’s not one traffic light and barely any cars, and the roads and scenery are idyllic: a mixture of Catalonia, Cote d’Azur and Tuscany.

5. Brompton X CHPT3

I have two favourite bike models, and they serve completely different purposes. My Brompton x CHPT3 [Millar’s own cycling clothing range] is my everyday bike, and I’m lucky to have a few. I keep one in the
CHPT3 studio in Girona, one in London, and one in my home to go riding with my little boys. The other is a Factor x CHPT3, which is at the other end of the scale. It’s a pure performance bike, designed for racing at the highest level. I tend to just use it for coffee rides with friends, though—probably a bit over the top, but, hey, I can, so why not.


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